A Lazy Sunday of Twitter and Baseball …

Since I have nothing positive to say about my White Sox I decided to take the lazy way out and post my recent Sunday afternoon of watching baseball while tweeting. I started with the Orioles @ White Sox then finished up with the Padres @ Dodgers. 


Approx. 1:00 pm  Chicago Time

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @talkchibaseball my pick for today … Carlos Quentin. #TCBPicksToClick

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
and as usual… nothing. #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @dan_bernstein Hal

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Wondering what my Ex-wife is going to do once Oprah is off the air.
She won’t know what books to read. #brainwashed

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @ESPNChiSox Way to go DOUG!

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
That’s all the #Orioles are gonna need with the #WhiteSox offense these days. 1-0

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
HAHAH Hawks just totally blew the trivia question … #whitesox #*******

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx …. that’s just ******* thinking.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx … I think the Sox have enough of their own problem. Sox fans need no worry abou them.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx … I think the Sox have enough of their own problem. Sox fans need no worry abou them.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ESPNChiSox … Good thing Floyd is locked in. It could be ugly if he wasn’t … #whitesox

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
New month same ol’ **** . #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Is the whole Charlotte team avaulable for call up? #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
.. and I no longer care about my type-os

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
I really feel sorry for all those that are stuck with season tickets… #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@dan_bernstein .. is this fun-bad yet?

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @WhiteSoxandmore don’t bother.. go back outside

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
There’s the one #whitesox run for the day … Lillibridge HR #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Can somebody go up the the Hawk Broadcast Level and throw him out of the booth? I can’t take him any longer. #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Calling Mark Grace … can you send a few “slump busters’ over to the Cell, soon!! Please!! #whitesox #slumpbusters

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @WhiteSoxandmore yep .. you will get more enjoyment out of pulling weeds.. I promise.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @talkchibaseball Faith? I’m a baseball athiest ..

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
The ‘ALL IN” ad campaign need to be pulled off the air immediately. #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Maybe the #Padres can give me some baseball satisfaction today..

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
No Maybin leading off? #Padres

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
WTF is up with Castro not being able to catch a pitch ? #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Padres just started …

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica 0-0 after 1st

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica🙂

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Hudson singles, Hundley to 3rd .. no outs #Padres

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx haha .. in fact I am not looking, I have the Padres game on now.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Maybin singles, Hundley scores … O-Dog to 3rd, Maybin to 2nd. 1-0 #Padres

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Hawpe singles, drives in two .. 3-0 Padres, still no outs

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica … end of top 2nd. Padres lead 3-0.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Dodgers go down 1-2-3 in the 2nd. After 2 innings.. 3-0 Padres

EdRad Ed Radakovitz

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica …. Headly steals 2nd, goes to 3rd on bad throw. 1 out.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Holy crap.. Dunn actually homered ! #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica O-Dog walks… 1st & 3rd , two outs. Maybin up

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Maybin strikes out to end the inning.. no runs, still 3-0

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx .. and those scoring with a broad!

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Tip those waitresses!

dRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Moseley gives up first hit, a 1 out double to Carrol. Garland up

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @whitesawx reminds me of Old Comiskey back in the day….

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Ok.. here we go!! #whitesox #hope

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Dodgers fail to score .. 3-0 Padres after 3rd

 RT:  Friar_Faithful John
by EdRad
Hey, we got Gwynn out. WE GOT GWYNN OUT! YESSSSSSS

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
That was a hanger and he let it go !! #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Who smells a DP? #whitesox

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Hawk .. quit the bitchin’ .. bad call, so it goes… he had a few other good pitches to hit

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica .. Padres out 1-2-3 .. mid 4th

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @ken_coulter .. I’ll give her credit and say yet.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @ken_coulter I usually only type with one hand.. habit.

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Uribe grounds into inning ending 4-6-3 DP.. 3-0 end of 4th

dRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Padres down 1-2-3 in the 5th

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Yes

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica .. Dodgers go 1-2-3 .. 3-0 end of 5th

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Padres leave one runner on… 3-0… mid 6th

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica another 4-6-3 DP to end the Dodgers 6th … 3-0 Padres

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett have perfected the 4-6-3 “***-smackin” double play. #padres #dodgers

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Padres 1-2-3 in the 7th ..

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
Hawpe had to dive for that ball.. can’t give him an error on that. #Padres

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Dodgers leave on runner on .. still 3-0 after 7. Moseley still looking strong

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica no runs in the 8th for the Padres still 3-0

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica .. Still 3-0 after 8 innings

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @friarphilSD He really deserves this one …

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @Sharpecb yum… I brought a 12 pack of Hop Project and Dos Perros back to Chicago last weekend.

 EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica Cantu singles Maybin scores .. 4-0

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica Headley doubles in two runs .. 7-0

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@ @padres_chica going to bottom 9… 7-0 . YES!

EdRad Ed Radakovitz
@padres_chica that’s it. Padres Win!! 7-0


Approx. 6:00 pm  Chicago Time













To my Chicago White Sox….

W – T – F !!! 

Freakin’ Disgusted…

Well.. tonight another excellent pitching performance wasted in a 2-1 loss to the Ray in Tampa. That makes 6 losses in a row for the White Sox and I’m F’in disgusted. 

Disgusted by the losses. Disgusted by the bad bullpen. Disgusted by the bad fielding. Disgusted by the lack of hitting. Disgusted by Ozzie giving away too many damn outs with sac bunts and runners being caught stealing. 
They fall to 5.5 or 6 games back( if the Indians win tonight in K.C). They are 0-2 to start an eleven game road trip that doesn’t get any easier as it goes. It is a very real possibility that they can be 10+ games back and in last place at the conclusion of the trip. Disgusting… F’in disgusting.

Haiku on a Monday afternoon 4/4/2011

Sox take two from Tribe

A feel good to start the year
Next up, the Royals
Danks pitches good game
Ohman gets shelled, ruins it
Leave him in Cleveland
Moreland and Pat Hughes
Call Cub games on radio
Thank god no more Ron
Orioles sweep Rays
Markakis makes a great catch
Bet Zobrist said “F**k!”

Impressions of the Sox Opening Weekend In Cleveland

The White Sox took two of three from the Indians to open 2011. What can be taken from the last three games…. HMM.

– Offense looked good (except for Sunday)
– Danks had the best outing of any starters so far and was not rewarded for it.
– Will Ohman is just plain bad.
– Alexei Ramirez still can’t bunt. I want to know why?
– Speaking of bunts.. Ozzy need to let this team bash. Forget the small ball especially since        they can’t seem to do it right
– Consistent series wins will lead to the playoffs… 1 for 1
– Don’t take K.C. too lightly. They gave the Angels all they could handle this weekend
– CQ  enough said… monster weekend
– Baseball is back. That alone makes life better.
-Glad Juan Uribe is in the NL
I would love to see them take two from KC but I would be content with a split.

Haiku on a Monday afternoon 3/28/2011

Eleven pitchers

Milledge and Lilli make team
Too bad for Marquez
This week teams come north
Say goodbye to warm weather
Opening Day cold
Can’t wait for Friday
White Sox to face Indians
Yes, I am “All In” !

Mark Buehrle, stay or walk away?

There has been some talk of Mark
Buehrle’s baseball future beyond 2011. Buehrle has talked about
walking away when his contract expires after the 2011 season. From
all I have read, he’s financially stable and doesn’t really need the
money. He’s won a World Series. He’s thrown a no-hitter and a perfect
game. He’s won Gold Gloves. He’s made All-Star teams. So what else is
there for him to accomplish? Sounds like a pretty darn great career
if you ask me.

Yes, he only 30 years old. Some might
say he has more years in his arm even if he no longer would be
considered a #1. Does he want to continue and decline to just a
decent pitcher while collecting a paycheck? Does he want to move to the bullpen?

Let’s look at the numbers. Maybe we can
see something that might suggest it’s time.

Year    W   L      ERA  WAR   FIP  BABIP     K/9

2005   16   8     3.12   6.3   3.42   .290     5.67

2006   12   13   4.99   1.9   5.27   .307     4.32

2007   10   9     3.63   3.7   4.26   .287     5.15

2008   15   12   3.79   4.6   3.94   .312     5.76

2009   13   10   3.84   3.4   4.46   .282     4.43

2010   13   13   4.28   3.8   3.90   .313     4.24

I would say fairly consistant for the
most part. So you can’t point to a rapid statistical decline to
suggest retirement.

What I am concerned about is that he
has 2271 IP on his arm over 11 seasons and it’s a good bet he will
add another 200+ in 2011 to take that total to around 2500 IP.

I am also concerned that over the last
few seasons he appeared to lose steam in August and September.

While many are worried about Jake
Peavy’s health I am concerned about Mark Buehrle’s stamina and
ability to keep up the pace through a pennant drive. Come the fall,
wins will be precious and the Sox can’t afford to have the rock of
the rotaion losing streaks of games.

I’m not saying Buehrle is washed up,
but what I am saying is that he’s showing small signs that he may be
beginning to decline.

I would love to see Mark continue on
with the White Sox but I can’t see him being worth the 14 million per
year that he currently makes. Will he take a pay cut to stick around?
I’m not sure of that. Would his childhood favorite team in St. Louis
be the next logical step for him? Maybe. He would be close to his
home and his family, which he states as a major reason he would even
consider calling it quits.

It would not surprise me to see him
take his Gold Gloves and go home after this season. It would be more
likely to happen should the Sox win the World Series this year. Then
I think he would be happy to go out on top.

Stop the Peavy Angst!

A week before opening day and White Sox
fans are angst ridden over the health of Jake Peavy. The Chicago
media is not helping by constantly poking at the issue with a big ol’
negative stick. They bring up the trade for Clayton Richard or the
way he has been handled this spring training.

Ozzie said that Peavy is the #5. The
staff is good enough to be successful without him and they are
prepared to do just that until Peavy is ready. RIGHT ON OZZIE!

Take a step back and look at what was
expected before spring training started. Nobody was sure what kind of
shape he was in after surgery. It’s uncharted territory and there
were tons of unknowns. I went into this season not even considering
Peavy until maybe All-Star break. I think that was a realisitic

Then we see him throwing and even
starting a few games and all of a sudden everybody starts thinking
maybe he will be back. Then the setback happens and as usual, the sky
is falling and the finger pointing starts. The panic alarms sound and
now the masses have been convinced that the Sox can’t win without

Let’s get real Sox fans. Any
contribution that Peavy makes to the 2011 White Sox is an unexpected
bonus. I’m not going to sit here and say the Sox or Peavy should have
done this or that and slam either one of them. Nor am I going to slam
Kenny Williams for making the trade. He has done a pretty damn good
job as GM and under him and Ozzie the Sox have won and continue to be
very competitive. If the Sox fail to win it all this year, it won’t
be KW’s fault. You will have to lay that blame on the players. It’s
that simple.

Just my opinion, go ahead and disagree
but I will go into the season looking forward to what could be a very
special summer on the southside.

Haiku on a Monday afternoon 3/21/2011

Peavy sore shoulder
Getting shut down for a while
Take it easy Jake
Padres swinging bats
Maybin makes diving catches
My pick to win west
Sox fans freaking out
Dunn is striking out alot
He will be just fine
Opening day soon
Can’t wait to play ball for real
My favorite day

Appreciation for the 6-4-3

The 6-4-3 double play.

It is my favorite play in baseball. Not
sure why but I just love to see it. No matter who it is (except if
it’s my White Sox hitting into one) I get a little sense of
excitement the second I see the ball hit to the SS with a man on

When I tell people this they tend to
give me a funny look and I usually have to try to explain myself,
which I don’t seem to do very well. I guess that it’s because it is
difficult to explain.

Having played a lot of second base
while growing up and through high school, I would get excited the
moment I saw the ball hit to the shortstop. I knew it was time to
just let my instincts take over and just make it happen. When it was
completed with a successful result, the elation was hard to hold in
and there was usually a smile and a high five exchanged with the
shortstop. I’ll never forget the first one I was a part of at the age
of nine. It was a big deal at that age and it was something we talked
about all summer. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Lets think about this for a second…

The sequence of movments by three
infielders must be in harmony in order for it to be accomplished.The timing must be right on. The
performing of their individual tasks must be completed or else it

When it comes together perfectly it is
a thing of beauty. Smooth and seamless taking just a few seconds to

The shortstop starts it all by fielding
the groundball cleanly then he must trust that his second base
partner will be there as he makes a throw. He usually doesn’t have a
target because the ball is released before the second baseman has
reached the base. This is where the timing comes into play.

The second baseman usually likes the
throw in a certain spot so it makes the transfer from glove to
throwing hand fast and easy. This spot is communicated and practiced
over and over until there is a feel or bond that the two fielders

The second baseman must decided in a
split second how he’s going to make the pivot. There are a few
different ways this can be done. Each way depends on various factors
but mostly on where the runner coming from first is in raltion to the
base as the ball is being caught. On close plays it is preferred to
receive the ball behind the base using it to help protect him from
the hard sliding runner. When there is plenty of time the second
baseman might decide to straddle the bag and tap the base as he
transfers the ball before throwing to first. The motions become
second nature over time with practice and there are definitley guys
who have mastered the piviot and are superior to the average second

The throw to first is the next
challenge as there is a runner bearing down on you as you release the
ball to first. Runners will learn at an early age that, if done
right, the second baseman will not throw around or over you so you
better get down or else you will probaly take one in the chest or

The firstbaseman is the final link. He
must be ready for a throw that can be anywhere. There is nothing more
disappointing than when it looks like an innng ending DP only to have
the firstbaseman drop or mis-handle the throw.

That’s a lot of thought and execution
for just a few seconds of action, eh?

O.k… maybe I think about things like
this a little too much. But it is part of what makes the game so
special to me. Maybe it because some of my fondest memories are of listening to my dad tell me stories about Nellie Fox and
Luis Aparicio.

So next time you see a “routine”
double play, take a second and appreciate all that goes into making
happen and cheer a little extra loud.